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HI BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! OKAy I’m gonna tell the entire story I’m sorry if it gets long and jumbled in to a giant mess bc I’m still in shock. I had backstage passes for my sister, her friend, my best friend and myself. We got them as gifts so I’m not really sure where/how we got them. The plan was just to meet 1D (which we did but thats an entire different story omfg). So we watched the 5SOS set which was friggen incredible, and then we were escorted backstage. While we were in line to meet 1D, Ashton, Cal, Luke and Mikey walked by us leaving the stage. Kristen (my best friend) and I were trying to get their attention but they seemed tired and in a rush so we just waved and they waved back and that was the end of that. i mean we thought it was lmfao. So then we met 1D which left me speechless and it was the best moment of my entire life??? so we went to leave but someone backstage who is friends with my dad (idk who?) told us to hang out and wait a minute outside the m&g room so we were like alright??? after waiting for like 10 minutes we start to see aSHTON IRWIN AND LUKE HEMMINGS WALK DOWN THE HALLWAY TOWARDS US AND WE WERE LIKE SH I T WE HAVE TO GET THEIR ATTENTION so we were like “aSHTON!!! HI” and he waved to us and then cALUM AND MIKEY WALKED UP AND WERE LIKE HELLO LADIES WHATS UP and then someone from security was like (to 5sos) “hey guys do u have a second to meet these girls?” and they’re like DUH OF COURSE so we all went over to them and introduced ourselves and holy crap they are so TALL and sweet and nice like good lord.. ok so i said hi to Ashton first and he was SO FRIGGEN SWEATY LIKE I CANT TELL YOU HOW SWEATY and he was the sweetest thing and tHEN I HUGGED CALUM and i was like “hi! Im lexy!” and he was like “Hi Lexy! I’m Calum how ya doing?” and he was so chirpy and omfg I’m in love with him this isn’t a joke. THEN i met luke and he slayed me he is literally a gentle giant (he is SO tall like) then i met michael who is the NICEST boy I’ve ever met in my entire life, he called me by my nickname (lex) and when we were talking he held my hand it was insane. Then i asked to take a group picture so i handed my dad my phone, and then he was like “ill take it with my phone the cameras better” but he was holding my phone still so mikey saw my 5sos phone case and he like nudged me and was like “HEY pretty cool phone case ya got there!” and i was like “yeah thanks! i felt it was appropriate for this moment!” and they aLL FUCKING LAUGHED AT MY JOKE AND LIUKE LIKE HIP BUMPED ME??? AND HE WAS LIKE “HHAHA AW MAN THATS GREAT” AND I WAS !??!?!??!!?!? so we tool the picture and i was in heaven and then we took the individual pictures and i went to take my selfie w calum and i was shaking obvs so i was like can we please take another cal? and he was like SURE CUTIE!!! and then i hugged the CRAP outta him and then HE GRABBED ME SO TIGHTLY LIKE I CANT TELL YOU WHAT A LIFE CHANGING FEELIG IT WAS? then i took my pic w ash who was SO sweet like unreal. THEN michael who saved my life like he was so cute and kind and sweet and called me by name like 8 times omfg. tHEN i went to Luke and asked to take a selfie and of course he was down but i took one and it looked hella bad bc i couldn’t get us both in the frame bc he is sO MF TALL so i was like “I’m too short I’m sorry can you?” and he was like “yEAH OF COURSE I CAN SORRY IM 6FT” and i was like FUCKDKNSOJHDJW so he took the pictures and then we took a hugging one and then we talked for a little and i just kept thanking them and it was insane. i finally went back to my seat and we were all crying and trying to process this whole night and then oUT OF NO WHERE LUKE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER AND I BROKE DOWN IN TEARS AND AS I WAS SOBBING 1D STARTED THEIR SET SO I COULDNT EVEN RECOVER IT WAS ROUGH.

so that’s a summary of what happened i feel BEYOND blessed and insanely lucky and i couldn’t be more thankful. I really appreciate all of the kind words and congrats I’ve been getting from the 5SOS fam, you guys are the sweetest and I’m so happy! if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS V MUCH OK 





So when we first got to the house security was like “do you know why you’re here?” and we all said “yeah! to meet taylor/hear the album” and he was like “you’re here because you aren’t creepy and weird on the internet… so when you go inside… don’t be weird all of a sudden.”

He was like “now don’t go around lifting up the things and checking the bottom to see where she got it. That’s weird.”



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